5 Best Retail Technology Solution Providers to Watch

Technology continues to transform the retail landscape, and it’s moving at such a fast rate that often it can be hard to keep up with what the latest developments are.  

We’ve put together a list of who we think are 5 of the best retail technology solution providers out there making a difference for retailers and customers right now.


1. Volumental

Volumental uses AI to give customers a personalised service like no other. The software takes a 5 second 3D scan of the customer’s feet to calculate their precise measurements, and from here offers personalised footwear recommendations for the customer. Not only does this assist team members with finding the right size and style that will fit the customer, but the data also helps manufacturers with understanding how their shoe sizes measure up (e.g. their size may be too big or small for the average customer). This technology allows for retailers to meet the customer’s needs accurately and efficiently while providing the customer with a fast and seamless journey to purchase.


Image Source: Footwear News


2. StreetPricer

Word on the street (no pun intended) is that this technology provider is a go-to for online retailers who want to understand how to price their products competitively on eBay. StreetPricer offers price monitoring, dynamic repricing and a competitor analysis tool, making it a whole lot easer for retailers who are struggling to find the right price point for the current market. This saves both time and money for retailers, as it means that they don’t have to spend large portions of their day continuously scanning the competition. StreetPricer helps retailers know where they stand on the market all day every day at the touch of a button.


Image Source: StreetPricer

3. Adeptmind

Adeptmind’s AI search technology revolutionises the customer’s search experience. You know that annoying feeling when you search multiple phrases into an online store’s search engine only to find that it couldn’t find a match for a single term that you were looking for? That’s what Adeptmind aims to avoid. Adeptmind gives customers personalised search results by using its knowledge on the latest product trends and search results from customers to understand how each customer shops online. The result? Adeptmind significantly reduces the likelihood of the dreaded ‘no results found’ message. This means that retailers can better understand how a customer likes to shop, and customers can find the right product a lot faster. 


Image Source: MarTech Series

4. AskHub

AskHub is a start-up dedicated to providing an all-in-one platform that retailers can use to control and improve their bot. Whether you’re at the point of introducing a bot into your customer’s shopping journey or not, there’s no denying that a growing number of companies are already jumping onto the bot bandwagon. What does AskHub do for these companies? It allows for them to speed up the training of their bot, track their bot’s key metrics and get insights on what users are telling them to improve. Retailers can understand how users interact with the bot through the dialogue analysis feature, which in turn provides extremely valuable insights for employees and makes it easier to track the ROI of these chatbots for the business.  


Image Source: AskHub

5. Neto

Neto is an all-in-one ecommerce, point of sale, inventory and fulfilment solution. The founder set out to create Neto because his company was struggling to scale their online retail business efficiently, and as a result created Neto as a one-stop shop where retailers and suppliers can manage multiple aspects of their retail businesses. Neto gives retailers a full view of their omnichannel operations, and in so doing makes it easier to see where there is potential room for improvement. The platform has the ability to automate repetitive tasks, manage multiple orders and shipments, and update stock across bricks-and-mortar, webstores, and any other online stores. In turn, Neto allows for retailers to centralise all operations and improve efficiency.


Image Source: Neto


It's technology solution providers like these that make the future of retail an exciting one. Systems and processes are becoming simpler and more efficient, and customers are experiencing a whole new level of personalisation.

Have your eye on any particular retail technology solution providers at the moment? Be sure to let us know in the comments!