We believe it's not just about what you do, it's about how you do it and the legacy you leave behind




At Disrupt Retail, we are determined to give back to the community wherever and whenever we can. We believe that even the smallest of gestures can make all the difference, and that no business is too small to lend a helping a hand.

Our community work focuses on mentoring the industry professionals of tomorrow and providing not-for-profit retailers with the strategies and support they need to thrive. We are committed to providing the best resources we have available for these individuals and businesses so that they are equipped with the right tools to create positive change.

If you would like to discuss a potential partnership with us, please don’t be shy- we’d love to hear from you!

UTS Shopfront Community Program, October 2018

UTS Shopfront Community Program, October 2018



Our founder, David (Dave) Gullo, is no stranger to the world of retail. After starting out as a night fill attendant stocking shelves at Target, he started his Management Traineeship and began leading and developing teams of people at 17 years of age. Despite the sometimes-lacking pay checks and long working days, he discovered that he had a passion for customer service. After working for David Jones and Myer, he moved on to Westfield where he became the youngest ever Centre Manager in Australia. As much as he loved his time working there, a small part was always missing. He always wanted to have his own business; something that could satisfy his passion to help his team and organisations reach their goals.

In 2016, Dave took the plunge and founded his first company, Disrupt Retail. Fast-forward to 2019, Disrupt Retail has gained two siblings as part of the Disrupt Experience Group: Disrupt Advisory and Disrupt CX. He is constantly looking for new customer experience opportunities to help businesses grow and challenge the status quo, regardless of their size or type. What’s next for Dave? He’s looking forward to growing the company’s newest brand, Disrupt CX as well as expanding our community programs which support students in tertiary education to find a career they love and helping them excel in their chosen path.